I Can't Control My High: How Do I Inhale the Right Amount?

I Can't Control My High: How Do I Inhale the Right Amount?

Dear Jane, I recently got a bowl so that I can more easily control my level of high, but now I’m having another version of the same problem. I either don’t inhale enough, or I inhale way too much until I’m higher than a bat’s ass. I don’t know why smoking a bowl is so much harder for me than smoking a basic joint, but here we are. Do you have any tricks for how to measure your inhale? —Bilbo Bongins



Good job trying something new! Sometimes I think we need a pat on the back for doing something that we normally wouldn’t, like buying a pipe to pack a bowl instead of rolling a j. Nice work. 

I’m curious what you’re using to light the bud? I used to use a standard lighter—what seemed like a no-brainer to me—but in more recent years, I’ve grown partial to a butane torch style lighter. I find that I can control the direction of the heat more precisely, leaving me with more control of my intake. When I use a standard lighter, I am more likely to burn a larger portion of the bowl. And if it’s still glowing, I’m still going! I’m not about to let a beautiful glowing bud burn out without being hit! That seems like a waste. 

And it’s that way of thinking that leaves me way higher than I need to be a lot of the time. 

Another follow-up question: How are you prepping your bud? You want to make sure you’re getting a nice, even grind throughout the bowl. That consistency is also going to be key to an even burn. I’d make sure that grinder of yours is in tip-top shape. If you’re still using your fingers to pick apart the bud piece by piece, it’s time to get a grinder.

Once you get that even burn down, inhaling will start to feel more intuitive, like it does when you’re lighting a doobie. 

Best of burning to you.

Jane Blunt.