My Vape Battery is Always Dead When I Need it: Help!

My Vape Battery is Always Dead When I Need it: Help!

Dear Jane, I swear to god, every time I go for a hit at the end of a long day, my vape battery is dead, and every time, it’s just the annoying push I needed to fall over the edge of frustration. But here’s the deal, I also swear to god that I charge the battery all the time. Clearly my battery charging system is failing me. Do you have any suggestions for how I can actually remember to charge my batteries? Instead of just convincing myself I have and then being so sad when I haven’t? —Candy Jack


Candy Jack,

When you’re dead tired at the end of the day, the last thing you want to deal with is a dead battery—I get it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone for a hit and found myself needing to pack a bowl instead. Heck of an inconvenience if you ask me. Honestly, any small inconvenience will send me over the edge (first world problems, I know) but a dead vape battery is definitely at the top of the list.

What if your vape battery could give you a heads up? Like, when you have 10 hits left? Now that’s a highdea. Though, now that I type that out, I think my battery clearly displays how much juice is left, so it really comes down to my own negligence. Oof. That’s a hard pill to swallow.

I really just need to add the charger to my routine. I plug my phone in before I go to sleep at night, why don’t I just plug in the battery as well? There’s a piece of advice for both of us!

Here’s another idea: Try to have some pre-rolls ready for backup. That way you know some goods are waiting for you in case you find yourself in such a predicament again. All in all though, I think we just gotta buck up and remember to charge the dang battery.

I feel like I’ve been little to no help, but at least you know you’re not alone!