Do Professionals Actually Microdose at Work?

Do Professionals Actually Microdose at Work?

Dear Jane, I’ve been smoking pot on my down time for several years now, but for work I still rely on anxiety meds which I hate. I’d really like to wean off those little devils for good so I’m thinking about microdosing for work. I’m not a surgeon or anything but being “under the influence” for work still freaks me out. Is this actually something that professional people do, or is this a reckless idea that’ll lose me my job? —Joan Stoned


Hey Joan!

First and foremost, always discuss any medication changes with your prescribing doctor. I’m not a doctor either, but weaning off or stopping an antidepressant completely can be very taxing both mentally and physically. 

Okay, now that we got that business out of the way, I’m always high at work! Join the club! In all seriousness though, cannabis microdosing can be incredibly beneficial in curbing depression and anxiety symptoms throughout your day-to-day. Especially when those random jitters that you have no explanation for hit you. Take a small hit or an eighth of a 50mg gummy, ground yourself for a moment, and carry on. 

Now, I’ve got a couple potential solutions for you: 

Option 1: Quit. Quit your job and start a new one. Start your weaning off and microdosing journey while in between jobs so you can get a feel for what dosage works for you. Show up to the interview for your new job under the influence. That way, when you get the job and show up high, they’ll just think that’s the normal you (because kind of it is). Be high and get your shit done. 

Option 2: Don’t quit your job. Take a long weekend to get a general idea for your microdosing routine. How much and how often, as well as how it affects you, are great things to keep track of when deciding how to proceed. If all goes well, show up the next work day, and just continue being a great employee. 

Basically, I think it’s fine to microdose while on the job as long as you are still doing your job and doing it well. Maybe not if you’re a surgeon, but heck, what do I know? Maybe brain surgeons are out there microdosing on the daily. Better that than them shaking with anxiety with a scalpel in their hand. If they’re doing a good job, I don’t really care.

Because here’s the thing: microdosing and anxiety basically cancel each other out. You likely won’t feel or act stoned, but you might feel and act like you aren’t being crushed by anxiety or numbed out by anxiety meds.

Hang in there Joan! (Cue Disney’s Frozen “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”)