Here's a Highdea...Cannabis Suppository.

Here's a Highdea...Cannabis Suppository.

Hear me out…

I told this highdea to Bud and he said, “Would there be flavors?” I was not expecting that. But this turned into a conversation about suppositories that make your farts smell like whatever scent you choose.

Of course he would ask that, because his farts smell like skunks. 

And of course I would like it, because his farts smell like skunks.  

Anyway, I doubt I’m the only person (or person who lives with a person) who needs this. 


Disclaimer: Jane’s “highdeas” are not necessarily discerning, advisable, or even possible. They might be stupid inventions, weird food combinations, personal realizations. It’s all up in the air—high, if you will.