Here's a Highdea...Essential oil diffuser. But for weed.

Here's a Highdea...Essential oil diffuser. But for weed.

This is not in fact a weed diffuser. It is simply an oil diffuser to help you envision this brilliant highdea.

My highdea of the week is an essential oil diffuser. But for weed. Like if I wanted to hotbox my office to the max. Or I could use it like an actual essential oil diffuser and just have it run throughout the day to incorporate a smaller dose over a longer period of time

Oh my goodness my idea just got so much better.

I could get an industrial-sized diffuser and sell it to a coffeehouse. Wouldn’t that be the best coffee date?! I’ll order a ch-high latte. Get it? Like chai? But high? I’m told if I have to explain my jokes that means they aren’t funny. I’ll agree to disagree.

Anyway, I bet I could get nightclubs to buy them. Or a restaurant that sells a bunch of munchy appetizer type food while you kick back and just breathe the air? I’d give them my money.


Disclaimer: Jane’s “highdeas” are not necessarily discerning, advisable, or even possible. They might be stupid inventions, weird food combinations, personal realizations. It’s all up in the air—high, if you will.