My immune system is on the fritz—will cannabis help or hurt?

My immune system is on the fritz—will cannabis help or hurt?

Dear Jane, I can feel my immune system crumbling, and I know if I don’t get enough sleep, I’ll completely crash. But I’m also having a hard time sleeping though, so I’m thinking about taking a hefty dose of indica to help. But will this make my immune system weaker? —J Dizzy


J Dizzy,

Wait wait wait wait wait…weed can weaken your immune system?? That sounds like hullabaloo.

Please stay tuned as I see what a quick Google search yields.

Well, shit. According to Google, marijuana can suppress your immune system. People that regularly smoke weed are more susceptible to some cancers and illnesses. I’m paraphrasing here, but what the heck?! No one told me!

*Stares at the same paragraph for a good 4 minutes*

Knowing what I know now, this doesn’t really change my mind. People need sleep. You will literally go insane without it. Heck, I feel insane with it. When bedtime is creeping in, that heavy dose of Bubba Kush OG is what eases me into deep sleep.

What it comes down to is weighing the pros and cons.

Pros: You get some legit sleep that you so terribly crave. Cons: You might get cancer.

Shit, that’s rough. But I bet there are some things you could do to help boost your immune system at the same time. Like, to counteract the weed.

Let’s make it a rule that you can smoke a joint as long as you chug a glass of OJ. Problem solved!

You’re welcome.