What's The Key to a Euphoric High Experience?

What's The Key to a Euphoric High Experience?

Dear Jane, I hear all these stories about stoners who get baked and then get all this creative energy and have beautiful epiphanies and shit. I really want that. But every time I smoke (even if it’s sativa), I feel like I’m almost there, but then I fall asleep or remember I want a snack, get a snack, and then fall asleep. What’s the key to this euphoric, high energy experience? Or am I just like inherently not a stoner? —Potpeye



To put it simply, the key to this euphoric experience is your mindset. Like, before you become high. So let’s start by asking a couple of mindset questions.

When you smoke, even sativa, are you thinking about trying to achieve this creative energy?

I wonder if you are putting too much pressure on yourself to achieve something that you don’t know if you are even capable of. Before you smoke again, try to do some deep breathing and meditate. Focus on breathing in and out and trying to relax your mind and body as much as you can before you take that first hit.

When you smoke, are you starting from a place of overthinking your to-do list and running a million things through your mind?

It’s not going to be easy to achieve a creative and euphoric experience when your brain is already bogged down, so you first gotta look for that baseline semblance of calm. If you’re really stressed going into the high, reaching creative euphoria could take a while.

As well as your mindset, your high experience may have a lot to do with your internal makeup. Everybody is different and can have different reactions or responses to different substances. For instance, when I drink alcohol, I get wild. Not relaxed and loose, just straight up out of control. When I smoke weed, I slow down. It is very possible that your reaction, or lack thereof, is just part of you being wired differently.

Maybe this just isn’t in your wheelhouse? Or maybe you need to smoke insane amounts of weed and see what happens? Maybe you’re a wine drinker and not a weed smoker? Or maybe you just need to keep doing what you’re doing with hopes of a different result? (Gentle warning: according to Albert Einstein, this last one is the definition of insanity.)

We all have different reactions to the product, but I don’t know if there is truly one way to force a different response to the green. If there is though, it’s most likely, as my therapist might say, going to come from within.