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If hazily hunting between crumb-filled couch cushions or shuffling through sand-glittered beach towels is beginning to harsh your mellow, let the IndiCooze assuage your worries. 

Products details:

  • Insulated kushion to keep your beverage cold long after you’ve forgotten about it
  • Side pocket designed to hold one or multiple vape pens 
  • Designed and screen-printed printed in the USA

Puff jacket meets gel pack meets tool belt. Soft and squishy, the IndiCooze keeps your fingers toasty, your beverage icy, and your vape pens handy. And with ample room for a few pens—or a vape pen and a few fatties—this pot pal is a strong signal that your drink isn’t the only thing staying cool. 

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100/10 As Someone Who Loses EVERYTHING..

Got this cutie this past weekend at CannaBash, and I have been using it since! It’s perfect to hold all your goodies 💚 Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!